'Making of' for Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue
Oct 2011-July 2012 | photo © Scar Tissue

'Making of' for a British feature film

Scar Tissue is a powerful, gripping mystery-thriller from director Scott Michell and producer Mike Riley. Shocking and unsettling, it asks some of the most difficult questions we can ask of ourselves. Can we ever truly know or trust another human being? Can we even know ourselves?

Filmed around London during October-November 2010 the film features a stellar cast of up-and-coming British actors, as well as established talent.

Set for general release in 2012, the 'making of', featuring interviews with cast and crew, will feature on the DVD release. To find out more about the film, visit the website www.scartissuethemovie.com.

October 2011 - Feb 2013