Prototyping Utopias

Film exploring ideas of utopia and providing space for dreaming

Commissioned by The Open University and The Glass House this film explores how utopian visioning can help spark creative thinking and local action. Screening at Somerset House as part of the year long celebrations marking the 500th Anniversary of Sir Thomas More's Utopia text, the film uses footage and audio from two events which engaged with the local community in Bow, East London. An evocative soundtrack of utopian dreams, captured through a participatory sound installation, gives voice to local aspirations and desires and inspires others to think about the future of their own places.

Responding to AHRC’s call for participation in the Utopia-themed research festival, the Prototyping Utopias project created ‘spaces for dreaming’ for local people and organisations in Bow, East London, to share and visualise their visions and ideas about the places where they live, work and play. The Prototyping Utopias project team: Louise Dredge and Sophia de Sousa from The Glass-House Community Led Design and Katerina Alexiou and Theo Zamenopoulos from the Open University. The events were delivered with the help of artists Simon Daw and Paul Burgess. For more information about the project, visit their website Prototyping Utopias.

June 2016