Métier - Grace Gelder

Grace Gelder : Photographer from Métier Project on Vimeo.

First chapter in film / podcast series

On International Women's Day, March 8th, 2017, the first chapter of Métier was launched, a new film and podcast series celebrating women and their work. Created with Gallery Director, Rosie Murdoch, each month will see a new story emerge, exploring a woman working with passion within her field.

The first chapter focuses on photographer Grace Gelder, who plays with the usual power dynamics within photoshoots, and works with clients over periods of time to manifest intentions, work on body issues and come to a greater understanding of themselves. After marrying herself in 2014, Grace has done extensive personal development work in order to support other people investigate their idea of self-image and self-worth.

Visit www.metierproject.org for more on the project.

March 2017