Mariele Neudecker - For Now We See

Film produced for 'For Now We See'

Artist Mariele Neudecker and Professor Alex Rogers have collaborated on For Now We See, a new project from Invisible Dust, curated by Alice Sharp.

'For Now We See' transforms the interior of St Thomas' Church, Newcastle, into a portal to the undiscovered, impenetrable and mysterious places hidden in the world's deepest oceans thousands of meters beneath the surface. A hidden flight of stairs to the belfry, a storage cupboard and the balcony pews; areas not normally open to the public; are all employed by Neudecker to reveal some of the world's most isolated marine environments.

A seemingly deserted seabed, a colossal underwater mountain range and the vast abyss of deep sea space are revealed. This footage was provided by Professor Alex Rogers, a leading world marine biologist at Oxford University, who worked with Neudecker as part of the project.

'For Now We See' was shown in September 2013 as part of the British Science Festival, and has been developed with HOUSE, Brighton Festival 2013. Mariele Neudecker's work is supported by NERC, Oxford University and Arts Council England.

Two films were made as part of this project, a film about the project as a whole above, and below, a film about the family day workshops as part of the British Science Festival.

December 2013