Leila McMillan - Flying Low, Passing Through

Film documenting Flying Low, Passing Through R&D with Leila McMillan

In May - June 2014, choreographer Leila McMillan ran a four week development period working with the David Zambrano Flying Low and Passing Through technique. Taking place at Greenwich Dance, London, Leila collaborated with dance artists, Faith Prendergast, Karl William Fagerlund Brekke, Mansoor Ali, Martha Passakopoulou, Kraczkowska Karolina, Typhaine Delaup, and Ben McEwan. The rest of the creative team was made up by DJ Damien Smith, photographer Manuel Vazquez, producer Gail Schock (Ducky Productions) and myself as filmmaker.

Several films have emerged from the project, including the above trailer, as well as a documentary and longer dance films, which have been exhibited at various events across London.

Thumbnail image © Manuel Vazquez 2014

August 2014