Campaign film for IC Change

The Istanbul Convention (IC) is the most comprehensive legal framework for combatting violence against women, the UK Government promised to ratify the convention in 2012, but has yet to do so. The IC Change campaign was set up by three women, Rachel Nye, Becca Bunce, and Robyn Boosey, as a volunteer grass-roots campaign group, whose aims are to educate the public around the Istanbul Convention, and to work with the MPs to follow through on the Government's commitment. On the last Friday before Christmas 2016, 100 MPs were needed in parliament to vote through Dr Eilidh Whiteford's Private Members Bill, which seeks to ratify the convention. Working with women's organisations across the country, this video was created to mobilise the general public to ask their local MP to attend the debate. The campaign was a huge success, and 135 MPs, across all parties, voted the bill through to the next stage, and as of March 2017, it is now at committee stage in the House of Lords.

Astoundingly, there are a few MPs seeking to derail this process, and prevent vital care and support for millions of vulnerable women and children around the country, and protect them from violence at the hands of others. The IC is a strategic way to tackle violence against women and girls, it is a legal commitment from the UK Government to tackle violence against women and girls, and it is a method that engages all sectors and communities across society.

Visit for more information, and find out how you can help the campaign succeed.

December 2016