Deep Above - Adam Chodzko

Film's for the new Adam Chodzko project with Invisible Dust

Artist Adam Chodzko works again with Invisible Dust to create a new film about climate change. Surrounding this new piece is a series of talks and workshops in Bristol, partnering with the Watershed and Bristol University to widen the debate surrounding climate change, the psychology of it, and the role art has to play.


Watch here: Can psychology help us to accepts and act on the scientific evidence on climate change?

Debate: 11 November, Bristol University

Panellists: Marcus Coates, artist, Stephan Lewandowsky, Cognitive Scientist, George Marshall, Founder, Climate Outreach Information Network. Chair: Alice Sharp, Curator and Director, Invisible Dust.

Watch here: What is the role of art and artists in considering climate change?

Debate, 6 November, Watershed Cinema, Bristol.

Panellists: Adam Chodzko, artist, Adam Corner, Climate Outreach, Chris Johnson, Director, Shambala Festival, Isobel Tarr, Curator, HighWaterline, David Cross, artist, Cornford and Cross. Chair: Alice Sharp, Curator and Director, Invisible Dust.

Watch here: To what extent does the media help us to understand and act on climate change?

As part of Invisible Dust’s ‘Deep Above’ project, two schools in Bristol engaged in a debate discussing the media and climate change. The event was chaired by Isobel Tarr, from HighWaterline Bristol.

You can listen to full versions of each podcast on the Invisible Dust website Invisible Dust

Autumn 2015